Sunday, October 30, 2011

I wear the cat skin gloves

Dark sorcery against death eternal. I shall not rot in the sun, yet my invert method will never be communicated. I stand in solitude because to co-exist requires alligiance to one side and hate for the another. I do not want to spend myself in hatred of anything, nor do I want to love. I would have it so that the Other did not exist, were not a concern. Darkness swells in and makes the bravest fires suppress into tiny points of light swimming in a mute ocean. Surely if other travellers exist, their faces cannot be seen anyway, just shapes and vague, spectral movement. What use are reminders of distance anyway? Just as well, I know it inside my heart that I am above them, I have no desire to present an argument for it, thus it is self-evident. All that is true is self-evident in solitude.

Heavy Metal starts and ends with an ambiguous scream, every listener interprets it in the range from triumph to anguish according to their idiom. It does not matter what the interpretation is as long as the source of it is clear. Many times the sentiment in Heavy Metal lyric has been expressed "if you don't feel it, you won't understand". A dividing line has been drawn, perhaps the line, on the trajectory of the globe's tall curve becomes a circle, and inside the circle stand some men and the occassional brave woman. These individuals, in an uneasy alliance, inspect each other and wait. In certainty they know that one of them will soon step over the line and be ostracized for it. At the end only the self remains in the circle, but the circle is not small, it spans the whole of creation. No one else in sight. There's power there. I'm sure you know what else is there. The more I contemplate the killing art of romance the more I realize that in lieu of the high toll that the mistress calls for (go on, guess what she wants from you) the listener attempts to assuage her with the more bearable currency of solitude. "Already dead, see? Alive forever!". For the sorcerer, exhaustion is ecstasy.

Trapped alone in an empty world, taken by the love of death, only esteemed faculty being that of the imagination, it turns to dreams of immortality. What a combination.


  1. Helm, thanks for posting this. I find it provocative and attractive as I've retuned to read it about 15 times since you shared it. The same words have read differently from one return to the next. I think the meanings are more stable, for me, now. I'll likely read it a few more times but wish to offer some gratitude at this point.

    You've led me to positive energy as I reflect on Heavy Metal's influence on my thoughts and actions within the last month(s). From my perspective, I've come to face the source of that killing art of romance you mentioned. It's me.

    To echo lyric from Unholy's, The Second Ring of Power:

    I reached a permanent state of enlightment
    I'm the Master above you bunch of slaves
    I'm the Demiurge, creator of this universe

    My current truth of this lyric is that I can master what enslaves me. That would be some specific fears and sloth, in my case. I'm the Demiurge when I manipulate my perspective and create options in my life that may or may not exist. I can choose to see the half full glass of water as half full or half empty. Both can be true. Neither can be true if I choose other ways to perceive the truth of the half full glass such as simply seeing a glass container of liquid. It's a third description (perception), and may be true. I can come up with a fourth, fifth and multitude of perceptions of truth because I, like Pasi Aijo vocals, am the fuck'n Demiurge of my universe. I think the lyricist was facing his killer of romance and speaking directly to it saying, "I'm the Master above you bunch of slaves."

    Thank you making posts of density. They exhaust me. They bring me extstacy.

    Have a kick ass time swimming in the midnight sea.

  2. It is very gratifying to read what you've written, thank you very much.

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    1. the Linus comment best reflects my thinking.