Sunday, June 26, 2011

If you enjoy this blog

You should also read this one. The piece on the Fates Warning is very well done. I secretly dread having to write in earnest about these records, it could be said that the rest of Poetry of Subculture is a warm-up to that, and here the blog author Zero has not only tackled them in his first post, but done an inspiring job of it too. Inspiring as in, only-person-on-the-internet-to-do-it-justice-so-far inspiring. Honestly, I'd recommend this blog even if due to unforseen circumstances this were the only post on it, though naturally I hope for the opposite. I am very interested on what other records will be discussed and in what way.

As I often say, I do not write here in order to make friends or socialize and it seems to me often that when bloggers cross-post there's something unhealthy about the resultant back-patting, yes, why thank you, you too, splendid splendid. But I honestly do believe Zero's writing is deserving of your interest so I hope you'll excuse me the exception.


  1. WOW! Thanks a lot for that link. I've enjoyed some discussions about early Fates Warning online with few people over the years and I already liked that piece you wrote about them in your other blog but this seems very well done and highly interesting. It's so nice to see so many words about what I'm very temped to call my favourite HM ever recorded.

  2. Good stuff. I haven't had a chance to read it fully, but I can tell this will be interesting. Fates Warning are a band I haven't listened to for nearly long enough (a year and a half at the most, if memory serves), but I can tell that in a few years' time I'll be considering them one of my favourite if not my favourite bands.

  3. Yeah, I know it's 2015 and my thoughts are visiting Zero's work with renewed interest. I agree with Nekromantis that Fates Warning discussions are fascinating. The themes FW write about seem timeless and Zero wrote a bunch of insight on the Arch records. That's what I'm revisiting for, the discussion of meta story and how the cool Helm and Zero discussion went. I'm currently considering the 40 minute Edge of Sanity record and its progressive story into Crimson II. I wanted to revisit how an interesting discussion went on relative records. Awesome vibes within the Heavy Metal think tank.