Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wait, what? Comments?

I said in the Preemptively Answered Questions post that after externalization, the secondary point of the blog is for communication on the topic of Heavy Metal. Blogger defaults new blogs to open comment mode, which means comments get posted as people post them without any managing by me. So I had made a few posts here, with many many hours of toil behind them and I was under the impression I had not gotten any comments. I was going to keep going on, hoping that people would comment later on perhaps, but it was a bit disappointing nonetheless.

However I now realize people have been commenting all along. Please don't think I am above replying, I just didn't notice. I have replied to most comments in past posts below and will endeavor to engage with interesting thoughts posted here for as long as the blog goes on.

I'm switching comment notification on, now.

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